Fossils, fossils, fossils…

After waking up in the caves with a serious crick in my neck I managed to find Calem, who apparently had the same idea I did and had bunked in just two tunnels down from me. We found the fossil guy, who ended up not knowing much of anything about the stones, but he did offer us a fossil and then later brought the fossil back to life!! It was crazy!

It’s how I got the newest member for my team though! Meet Allos, my Tyrunt.

For looking so ferocious he’s fairly docile. Though it could probably be because he was just brought back to life. Anapa and he had a long conversation together, I have no idea what they were talking about, but they seem to have become fast friends. The others are a little more wary, but I think it’s just because he’s new. I’m sure they’ll warm up to him soon.

Later that night I decided to surprise my friend by giving her a call and offering a trade. I ended up sending her the Cubone I caught in Glimmering Caves. She seemed really excited. I’m glad I could make her happy. I can’t help but to feel bad at the idea of catching a Pokemon that I might not use. I have a feeling that I won’t have very many Pokemon at the end of my journey.

Everything is going great so far! I’ll check in soon!

Taking a little break and Exploring some caves:

So I probably stayed up much later than I should have last night. I was just so excited to continue training and my Pokemon didn’t seem to mind.

We did a whoooole lot of walking yesterday. I found my way to Ambrette Town. It was right next to the beach and they had this really awesome aquarium. I couldn’t help but to take a little break and let everyone play in the water for a bit.

Well, Br’er wouldn’t go any where near the ocean, but everyone else seemed to be having a good time. Even Turion played in the waves for a while. It wasn’t long before they were all exhausted. I called them all into their balls with a promise of letting them visit the aquarium before we left town.

Somehow Anapa found out that there was a lab dedicated to examining fossils. When he asked if we could go I couldn’t say no. While there we ended up running into Calem who suggested we go look around Glimmering Caves for one of the workers who was supposed to know something about those Megastone things. I agreed, if only to see the caves and after Anapa had finished looking at everything at the lab we headed out. It was a pretty awesome adventure. I got to ride on the back of a Rhyhorn just like when I was little. Haha!

By the time we finally got to the cave it was fairly late and I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but almost as soon as I walked in I ran into a Cubone. I couldn’t resist catching it, ended up naming him Naught.

Calem and I got separated somewhere in the caves. I really have no idea what happened, he was there once second then poof, gone. I figured it would probably be the best time to finally pack it in. With Anapa’s help we found a small alcove in one of the side tunnels and have since settled down for the night.

Hope everyone is staying safe!

My little Anapa evolved!

I read somewhere that Riolu only evolve when they have a really close bond with their trainer. You know what that means, right?

He must really love me!

Oh he’s adorable! I’m so proud of my little Anapa.

I’ll have time to update with more detail later, I just couldn’t wait to share the news!

Anapa and I played Head It until he fell asleep! Poor little guy was so tired after I checked on him that he fell asleep standing!
I ended up calling him back into his Poke Ball before he fell over! Haha.

Anapa and I played Head It until he fell asleep! Poor little guy was so tired after I checked on him that he fell asleep standing!

I ended up calling him back into his Poke Ball before he fell over! Haha.

Totally just caught a Snorlax!

I left it in the hands of the daycare though. Only for a little while. I’ll go pick him up soon. 

He was pretty awesome. They had to play a flute to wake him up. It was a really pretty song. The guy we borrowed it from wasn’t very nice though. I’m just glad he gave the flute back to who it really belonged.

Quick Update!

I couldn’t help but to wake extra early this morning and take off to continue my adventure!

As I was saying before, I went and met the Professor, Sycamore I think his name was. We battled and, I don’t mean to brag, but I beat him fairly easily! For winning he let me choose one of the Pokemon he battled with, I went with Bulbasaur, I really liked Charmander, but with Br’er in my group I knew I needed help in another area.

Once we left there all I really did was explore and train for a long time. I raised my Pokemon and both Turion(my Bulbasaur) and Br’er evolved! It was really cool! I know we’re getting stronger as a team.

Just Beginning!

Okay, so wow! So much has happened already! Moving to a new town. Meeting new people and getting a new Pokémon! A whole new adventure. Ha!

Whoops, I’m getting ahead of myself, let me just start from the beginning. The name’s Hunter, but I go by Haunter. They are my absolute favorite, ever since I saw one on a show when I was younger I’ve always wanted to catch one! But, because of that show and my obsession with the ghost Pokémon, the nickname kind of stuck. I don’t think anyone calls me by my real name anymore.

Anyway, let me get on with the reason for my post, for starting this blog really: I’m going on an adventure!!

Moving to a new town was scary, but the first day there I met my neighbor Calem and then his friends in Aquacorde; one of which gave me my very first Pokémon, Fennekin and my very own Pokédex. They were all really nice, even gave me a nickname of their own- Lady H, I like it.

I named my Fennekin Br’er after stories my mother used to tell me when I was little. He is such a cutie, even if I can already tell he’s going to be a bit too serious most of the time.

After talking a bit more the five of us parted ways, though Shauna held me back wanting a battle. My little Br’er kicked some ass. Two hits and her Chespin was done for. I celebrated by feeding him some Poke Puffs and just talking to him for a bit. I knew we needed to get to know each other better before we could really start our journey.

Went back home after that, wanted to tell my mom the news, she was excited for me. She packed me a bag before sending me on my way, I think she was more excited about this journey for me than I was for myself. Haha! I took one more ride around our yard her Rhyhorn, who knows when I’ll get to see him again. Too be honest I’m gonna miss him. He’s been around since I was born. I couldn’t dwell on it too long, I had exploring to do!

I took off for Santalune because that’s where I heard the first gym was. I don’t really know if I’m excited to have to beat all the gyms. I’m pretty much just wanting to see all the different types of Pokémon! I can’t believe how many there are. 

On the way I met up with everyone again, we wandered around a forest for a bit and Shauna helped me when my Pokémon were feeling low. I saw a lot of really neat stuff and found a lot of dropped items. I was a little wary in catching my first Pokémon and wanted to wait for something that felt right and so I ended up raising Br’er a few while before running into a Pikachu. I managed to snag it after only two hits! I named him Ampere and we’re already a great team!

We stayed in the forest for a bit longer to train, but soon went on our way to Santaluna where Br’er, Ampere and I easily beat the Gym leader Viola.

It was only because I was so excited that I decided to continue on my way right after beating the first gym. (Not without stopping by a PokeCenter first). That night I headed off towards route 22, which ended up being the wrong way! They told me I couldn’t get by because I didn’t have enough badges. I turned right around, not wanting to risk getting my Pokémon hurt and went back to train a bit. Ended up running into a Riolu! I managed to catch him after a few quick hits from Ampere. He’s great!

When I realized I couldn’t do much more in the area I headed back towards Santaluna and then on towards Lumiose City. Met my friends on the way- oops! Looks like I should probably go, the guy who’s computer I borrowed is shouting at me. People shouldn’t jsut leave their things sitting on tables and wander off if they don’t want others to use them!

Well, I’ll check in when I can.


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I’d love to see everyone do this

MOD: Plan on doing this! I may deviate from the rules some. This is probably going to end up an RP blog, but we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll keep up with it. :D 


I’d love to see everyone do this

MOD: Plan on doing this! I may deviate from the rules some. This is probably going to end up an RP blog, but we’ll see. Hopefully I’ll keep up with it. :D